Kouga Wildernis beautiful mountainous landscape is perfect for a range of outdoor and adventure activities.


During peak seasons, activities such as crafting workshops or children's activities will be arranged, and guests will be informed before arrival so they can book spots should they wish to do so.
For Groups: Activities can be arranged and booked ahead of time. Eg: Spitbraais, crafting sessions etc.

Offroad 4x4 Trails

4x4 Trails

This beautiful, rugged landscapes boasts an exciting range of 4x4 routes.

Per vehicle R150 pd R150 pd
4x4 clubs R140 pd R130 pd
Recovery R370 per hour R370 per hour

4x4 Trails


Initiated by Garden route 4X4 Club and rated a 3, this trail runs along a narrow kloof for about 5km where it joins another trail going through to the abseil cliff. This portion is about 4 km long. At the abseil cliff you have to turn back and follow the route on top of the mountain range back to the farmhouse. This section is about 9 km long with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. The whole route will take you about 2 to 3 hours to complete.

Blouberg trail

This trail runs for about 3km up the mountains overlooking the Kouga and Tzizikamma mountain ranges. The last part of the trail is fairly steep with climbs up to 45 degrees. The view however compensates for the steep climb. This route will take about one and a half hours to complete.

Abseil trail

Runs from the farmhouse till the top of the abseil cliffs. You can see breathtaking scenery along the way, as well as the highest mountain peak in the area, called Smuts Peak. This trail will take you about 1 and a half hours to complete.

River trail

This trail runs from the farmhouse over the mountain to the Kouga River where you can enjoy the sandbanks and the river. If you are keen on fishing you can catch bass in the river. This trail is about 7 km long to the river and you can either return with the same route or you can join the main road back to the farm.

Seasonal Fruit Picking

Seasonal Fruit Picking

During the latter quarter of the year, our orange and apricot orchards come into bloom and produce fruit. While in season and when available we offer our guests the opportunity to pick their own fresh fruit. Priced per kilogram and affordable rates it is a wonderful way to spend some time outdoors and take with you the best nature has to offer.

Seasonal Fruit Picking SQ SQ
Fish in the streams and rivers

Mountain Biking, Swimming, Fishing

Swim in natural crystal clear pools or in our swimming pool or try catching Black Bass in the nearby Kouga River.

Mountain Biking, Swimming, Fishing R50 Free of charge
Hiking and walking trails

Hiking Trails

Get close to nature and explore the stunning scenic beauty around Kouga Wildernis on foot.

Hiking R50 Free of charge

Hiking Trails

Koos se Bos (Cycad route)

This is a 15 km retour route that can easily be done within 6-8 hours. The trail follows a perennial river through natural untouched indigenous forest filled with yellow wood and cycad trees and is surrounded by steep cliffs. Only a few mountaineers have ever explored this kloof. It is an hour walk from “Oom Carel's” house and the camp to the forest and then a 3-4 hour route through the forest. This is an absolute must for the adventurer and layman explorers.

Features on the trail:

  • Rock paintings
  • The botanist and birdwatchers mecca
  • Knysna Loerie
  • Abundance of endangered “Cycad trees”
  • Home to the very rare Red Fin and Cape Galaxias
  • The biggest and tallest “Yellow Wood Tree”

Abseil Hiking Trail

The trail is situated on the doorstep of “Oom Carel's” house. It is an easy hiking trail and a mere 45 minute casual walk to the top. It is a popular spot to have a sundowner. It is suitable even for elderly people.

Round the Mountain Hiking Trail

This is an easy trail recommended for older people and parents with younger kids. It is easy accessible from all the houses and camp site. It is a 1½ km long circle route.

Waterfall Hiking Trail

It is “nature lover's paradise”. It offers lots of surprises with a wishing well and many waterfalls along the way. The whole route is 3 km and takes you through indigenous forest with rare birds, plants and trees leading to a the “Ratel Berg” where you have a view over the farm. This route will take you 3-4 hours to complete.

Crafting sessions

Crafting Sessions

In peak seasons we offer crafting sessions to keep the kiddies busy while moms and dads take a break. These are advertised on the premises and guests can sign up should they wish to attend.
Sessions for children or adults can also be arranged on request with a variety of options available and no previous experience required.
Just another way to relax, unwind and create in an incomparable environment

Crafting Sessions   SQ by prior arrangement


Have your dream wedding and/or function under the biggest Oak tree on the farm. 8 Couples said yes under this tree with a natural heart in its bark. The lapa offers seating space for 60 people and we will also supply the tables and chairs for your event free of charge and help you with all the arrangements should you like. There are many beautiful places for the perfect photo shoot to make your wedding memorable..

Corporate Retreat and teambuilding

Corporate Retreats

Kouga Wilderness is the perfect setting for corporate getaways too. Meetings and get togethers can be held in the Lapa while the setting provides plenty of opportunities for team building activities and socializing. We are happy to assist you with planning and the organizing of meals for and activities for your next corporate retreat.